Our Work

We are focused on becoming a better advocate for the rights and interests of our members and local people in the region.
OMAC is committed to developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our values and ethos and are keen to help us achieve our goals

Some of our projects include

The OMAC Masterclass Series brings a variety of practical workshops, giving participants the opportunity to learn and develop skills in nutrition, fitness, business and leadership, social media and photography. The workshops have a specific focus on potential business opportunities and outcomes that benefit the community as a whole. 

Participants learn from the best in their field, who share their stories, skills and successes via face-to-face community-based workshops. 

The Masterclass Series

Controlled early burning, traditional Country management, aerial pig culling & turtle camp are all initiatives OMAC contributes to and supports alongside carbon farming, which is promoted by the Indigenous Carbon Industry Network and savanna fire management. 

OMAC generates a percentage of ACCUs through their movements for protecting country.

CT Scanner for Cape York

Strategic Healthy Country Planning is an ongoing focus of OMAC and various other foundations, corporations and people of Cape York. The main objective of this is to continue to look after, maintain and support the natural resources of our Country. 

The protection of Country and its resources is integral to the future of Cape York and its people. Action now means that healthy land, freshwater, biodiversity and coastal resources will continue to be available for the youth of today. 

A vital part of this is in placing Indigenous knowledge and community values at the heart of this process. Local decision-making drives this process, making it relevant, empowering and effective. 

The Carbon Project

Strategic Healthy Country Planning

The CT scanner at Weipa hospital has been installed as the first of it's kind in Cape York as a result of a partnership between OMAC, Rio Tinto and the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service. 

Not only will this important piece of medical equipment mean the Western Cape community no longer need to travel to Cairns to access such services, and our intention for the scanner long-term is to have local Aboriginal people operating the equipment in the hospital. 


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