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We envision a Thriving Mapoon Community. 

The objective for which OMAC is established is to address Indigenous disadvantage. Without limiting the generality of this objective, the Corporation seeks to advance that objective through doing the following:

- provide land management and other land related services to and for the benefit of the beneficiaries;
- hold interests in property and money on trust for the Beneficiaries; and
- promote the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, serious economic disadvantage, distress, dispossession, suffering and misfortune of the beneficiaries.

Our Corporation strives to protect and support
- Our Country 
- Our Culture 
- Our Elders 
- Our Young People

Through various initiatives and objectives, these essential elements of our community are cared for.

Country encompasses an inter-dependent relationship between aboriginal people and their ancestral or traditional lands and seas.
Country is both a place of belonging and a way of believing. Old Mapoon is proud to share many aspects of their land, art and culture with visitors. 

OMAC are a trustees of over 175,400 hectares of land around Mapoon.


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